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MEDC Code of Ethics

As a member of the Mississippi Economic Development Council, I pledge to adhere to the following principles:

To maintain personal integrity in all relationships with my professional associates and the corporate and private citizens whom I serve and to conduct myself in such a manner as to inspire the confidence of those I serve;

To give generous assistance to other members of the Council when requested to do so and to continue to acquire and share my knowledge of the economic development field with others, supporting efforts to further proficiency in this field;

To never intentionally place myself, any of my constituents or clients in a position of conflict of interest in matters relating to the use of inside information for personal or corporate profit or gain;

To always honor the confidentiality of prospective clients and to protect as confidential information that which is shared with me by my fellow professionals, allies, and all others who state such information, either written or orally, as being confidential in nature;

To try my best to elevate the standards of my profession by maintaining high levels of service and conduct, striving to enhance the professional image of the economic development profession; and

To further the development of programs of the profession and the success of the Council.

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