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Legislative Update

  • MDA FY 2017 Budget Request Flyer

  • HB 709 & SB 2474 - Extends the repealer on the MS Business Finance Corporation until 2020 for the purpose of the issuance of bonds. HB 709 referred to Senate Finance Committee; Transmitted to Senate. SB 2474 referred to House Ways & Means Committee.

  • HB 858 - Changes the bonding requirements that provide grants to certain kitchen appliance manufacturers. HB 858 referred to Senate Finance Committee.

  • HB 1322 - Referred to the Senate Finance Committee, but will need to be acted on swiftly to get past the February 28 deadline for general bills to move out of committee. This legislation will greatly enhance Mississippi companies and help our nascent craft beer industry become competitive with every other state in the country.

  • HB 1731 - Bonds; authorize issuance for various Mississippi Development Authority programs. HB 1731 passed the House 101-15, but was held on a motion to reconsider.

  • SB 2281 - Creates the MS Site Development Grant Program to be administered by MDA to improve potential industrial sites. SB 2281 passed the Senate 49-2.

  • SB 2288 - Changes requirements for facilities that manufacture or assemble products for the aerospace industry to be eligible for certain state incentives. Died in Committee.

  • SB 2939 - Authorize fee-in-lieu of ad valorem taxes for projects totaling over $25,000,000.00. SB 2939 passed the Senate 50-0, but was held on a motion to reconsider.

  • SB 3033 - Bonds; create Mississippi Site Development Grant program and authorize bonds for it and various MDA programs and state shipyard. SB 3033 passed the Senate.

  • HB 599 - Establish a program in the State Department of Education to make funds available to school districts for the purpose of enhancing Vocational Education. Double referred to Senate Education and Appropriates Committees.


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